Web design that achieves objectives,

not just looks good

After years of experience, I have observed a recurring pattern. Designers, content writers, and marketers often work independently and then attempt to piece together their individual efforts. The end result is a website that may appear visually appealing, full of trendy phrases, and heavily promoted. However, unfortunately, it fails to accomplish its intended objectives.

Combining all the pieces

With a diverse background in design, business, and IT, I possess the skills and expertise needed to create effective websites that meet their intended goals.

With a family background steeped in technology, business, and creativity, I naturally gravitated towards studying subjects related to business, IT, and design. Along the way, my interests expanded to include marketing and psychology. At the young age of 13, I built my very first website, and by 20, I landed my first full-time job as an SEO Executive in the gaming industry. Seeking to further enhance my knowledge, I returned to university to pursue a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. 

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David Borg

Working around your business

The Central Hub of Your Marketing Efforts Your #1 Sales Tool

Flexibility & Availability

I offer a flexible schedule to meet your specific timelines or urgencies. I’m willing to work outside business hours to ensure that we meet all your deadlines.

Direct Communication

As a freelancer, you’ll have direct communication with me which allows for enhanced understanding, quicker decision-making, and a personalised approach.

Cost Effectivness

As a freelancer, my lower overhead costs allow me to offer you more competitive pricing for my services compared to web design agencies.

The web design process

Although every project is unique, these are the general process. 


Meet & Plan


Research & Design


Optimise & Launch

Loving every minute of it 😁

I create strategic websites that are designed to effectively achieve your goals, rather than relying on chance for success. By carefully planning and organizing the user experience, I ensure that visitors can easily find what they need and have a positive interaction with your website. Every aspect, from the layout of each page to the wording of each section, is meticulously chosen to ensure optimal results.

David at Google San Francisco
Googleplex, San Francisco '23


University Qualification
Masters in Knowledge Based Entrepreneurship
DMI Qualification
Proffesional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Adobe Certified
Adobe Certified Associate Front End Web Development
MCAST Qualification
Advanced Diploma in Creative Media Production
Frame 76
Hotjar Foundations Level 2 Certified


  1. Review their portfolio and past projects to gauge their level of expertise and proficiency.

  2. Requesting references and client testimonials can also provide insights into their professionalism and the satisfaction of their previous clients.

  3. Discuss and set clear expectations, deadlines, and milestones at the beginning of the project to maintain accountability.

  4. Start with a small project or a trial period to evaluate their skills and compatibility before committing to a larger project.

While it’s important to consider the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, freelancers, like professionals in any field, understand the importance of reliability and commitment. To mitigate such risks, you can discuss the freelancer’s availability and commitments upfront. Inquire about their workload and any potential conflicts that might hinder their ability to complete the project on time. Additionally, you can include provisions in the contract for contingencies and set clear expectations regarding communication and project updates to address any concerns promptly.

Clear communication is key to ensuring that the freelancer understands your business and brand identity. Start by providing comprehensive project briefs, including detailed information about your enterprise, target audience, and desired website features. Encourage open dialogue and ask the freelancer to share their understanding of your brand to confirm alignment. Regular check-ins and progress reviews throughout the project will allow you to provide feedback and ensure that the freelancer accurately reflects your brand identity in the website design and development.

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