Budding Artists

Children's Arts & Crafts School

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The Client

Founded 15 years ago and proudly based in Zabbar, Malta, Budding Artists embarked on a vibrant mission to become the leading children’s arts and crafts tuition provider in the Maltese Islands. With a heart deeply rooted in creativity and the joy of learning, they offer an array of creative, unique arts and crafts courses designed to spark imagination and foster a love for art in young minds. Their dedication to nurturing creativity ensures that every child they teach is on a path to discover their artistic potential in an environment where innovation and fun meet.

The Brief

Budding Artists require a transformative website aimed at simplifying enrollment, celebrating our students’ creativity through an online art gallery, and providing detailed course information—all in one place. This initiative is set to enhance the user experience for both parents and students, showcasing the talents nurtured within our community while making arts and crafts education more accessible and straightforward for everyone involved.


The Result

The launch of Budding Artists‘s innovative website has markedly transformed the enrollment process and broadened their reach, making interactions significantly more efficient for both users and the client. The platform has been met with enthusiastic feedback, particularly for its ease of use, effectively meeting the goals set by Budding Artists. This positive outcome not only underscores the success of our collaboration but also ensures the continuation of our fruitful working relationship today, as we keep striving to make arts and crafts education accessible and enjoyable for all.

What they had to say

Probably one of the most professional and consistent business to business subject sources to go on the island. Ultimately exceptional digital design and continuous support throughout the project.

From a personal perspective, it has been a pleasure to work with such a complete source.

Ryan & Bernice Buttigieg, Founders

Course Listing, Application System with Online Payments

Probably the most advanced automated school website on the island. 


Backend Course input 


Scalable Automation to make the client’s life and the client’s clients as easy as can be, reading the standard of first impression, contributes to customer retention. a good website results in good business. as a website is most often the first touch a prospect has with your business. the more you invest in your website the greater the chances of business. 

Site Quality & Optimisation

I want an Image of Google insights with speed and shizzle. to show quality and capability 


highlight the user experience. 

Process of Design and Development

Images of and ya dn my dev

image of us during a meeting 

Wire Frame form paper to Figma to Web 


I would love a text and video Testimony 

Testimony of the client’s client saying how good and easy the site is to use. 

I need a testimony of working with me, my service and stuff

and a testimony about the actually product 

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