Winery & Restaurant in Gozo


The Client

In the vibrant heart of Gozo lies KOZMO, a distinctive blend of restaurant, café, and vineria that has become a cornerstone of the island’s dining scene. Renowned for offering the largest selection of wines on Gozo, KOZMO provides an unrivaled gastronomic experience, where each visit is a journey through exquisite flavors and outstanding vintages. This unique establishment stands out not only for its comprehensive wine list but also for its commitment to serving high-quality, delicious cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely coffee, a gourmet meal, or an evening of wine tasting, KOZMO invites you to explore the depth of Gozo’s culinary and vinicultural heritage in one elegant setting.

The Brief

KOZMO, a cherished casual dining spot, café, and vineria in the heart of Gozo, set its sights on expanding its reach and enhancing the customer experience through a new digital initiative. The primary aim was to develop an inviting online platform that not only reflects the ambiance of their physical establishment but also introduces an e-commerce functionality tailored for wine enthusiasts. This feature was designed to allow customers to browse and purchase from KOZMO‘s extensive wine selection—the largest on the island—directly through the website. By integrating e-commerce, KOZMO sought to cater to the growing demand for online shopping, making it easier for patrons to enjoy their favorite wines at home. This strategic move aimed to bridge the gap between in-person dining experiences and the convenience of online purchasing, ensuring KOZMO remains at the forefront of Gozo’s culinary and vinicultural scene.


The Result

KOZMO‘s website launch, featuring e-commerce for wine purchases, significantly broadened its reach and customer convenience. Patrons quickly embraced the ability to explore and buy from Gozo’s largest wine selection online, highlighting the ease and efficiency of the shopping experience. This digital venture not only mirrored the welcoming atmosphere of KOZMO but also boosted wine sales and online engagement. The positive feedback underscored the seamless integration of casual dining and online wine shopping, reinforcing KOZMO as a premier destination in Gozo for both dining and wine appreciation.

What they had to say

Launching KOZMO‘s website with e-commerce for our wines was transformative, thanks to the web development team’s outstanding work. Their ability to capture KOZMO‘s spirit and enhance our online sales exceeded our expectations. Our customers rave about the ease of purchasing wine online, boosting sales and satisfaction. This collaboration has been invaluable, perfectly realizing our vision.


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